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    If you have SQL error code ora-12899 on your computer, why not take a look at these suggested fixes. ORA-12899 is a type of Oracle error that occurs when the current entered value in a range of columns is too large. This option is because the user tried to insert a column with an incremented value that is too large for that target column in addition to being updated.

    What is the size of VARCHAR2 in Oracle?

    4000 bytes

    Just wanted to share the rest of the Google results here…

    Change table creates t1 (   export_code varchar2 (3 chars) while (case if country is zero then code, else substr(code, 3) end) virtual);
    ORA-12899: too big value for radius "EXPORT_CODE" (current: 12, max: 480)

    The difficulty is that my code column is also varchar2(120), so substr can be up to 120 characters.

    Create table t2 as    select the case where ground is null, then code plus substr(code, 3) ends up as export_code before t1;
    Null name? A type------------ ----- -------------EXPORT_CODE VARCHAR2(120)

    Once I figured out the solution is to use export_code varchar2(120 char) or cast:

    change table t1 improve (  export_code varchar2(3 char) like ( cast (case country is zero then code else substr(code, 3) result as varchar2(3 char))) virtual);

    How to fix ORA 12899?

    Action: Check the SQL statement to make sure it is correct. Check the data types of the source or destination column. Expand the target column or refer to a subset of the sourceka Lewis (i.e. use a substring). While your debate doesn’t say much about how you tried, the specific result of ORA-12899 does it!

    Questions с: I got the following error message:

    How do I save more than 4000 characters in Oracle?

    Oracle recommends CLOB for storing large text. CLOB (Character Large Object) is an Oracle record type that can hold up to 4 GB of data. CLOB is very handy for storing text. Oracle is made with a 4000 byte limit when it comes to a VARCHAR2 column, and now there is no way around this limit.

    ORA-ERROR-12899: value too large for column

    I’m working with playback settings:


    NLS_TERRITORY corresponds to ISRAEL



    How can I identify this error ORA-12899 value too large for column?

    sql error ora-12899

    Answer:To diagnose an error, most users first use

    Błąd SQL Ora-12899
    Ошибка SQL Ora-12899
    Erreur SQL Ora-12899
    Errore SQL Ora-12899
    Error Sql Ora-12899
    SQL-Fehler Ora-12899
    SQL 오류 Ora-12899
    SQL-fel Ora-12899
    Sql-fout Ora-12899
    Erro Sql Ora-12899

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