Troubleshooting And Troubleshooting WiFi Connections In Windows 8

Over the past week, some of our users have encountered a known error when trying to connect to WiFi on Windows 8. This problem can occur for many reasons. We will discuss this below.


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    Windows 8 is just one of the official versions of most Windows operating systems released to the public in August 2012. This is most likely the successor to the Sprint Windows 7 system, which didn’t always come with extra features when it arrived, but only had an improved user interface. The changes you made to this new Windows operating system were pretty drastic. So if you’re running Windows 8 on your PC, you might find it a bit odd to connect to a Wi-Fi network here.

    So, at the moment,Guessing how it will connect to Wi-Fi in Windows Actions? Now, before we get into the procedures and steps required to complete this process, here are some things you need to be sure of.

    how to make a wifi connection in windows 8

    You may not be able to connect to WiFi through your Windows 8 PC due to most issues. Your PC may be in Airplane Mode and may be disconnected from connecting to WiFi or another Wi-Fi network such as Bluetooth. You may also not be able to access your Wi-Fi network when your PC is on because the WiFi provider itself does not set it up. In each of our sections below, we will inform you so you can verify that this is indeed the case.

    Check If Airplane Mode Is Enabled In Windows 8

    Many laptops and heavy duty computers come with a dedicated keyboard that has a toggle/button for airplane functions. If you click this button, you can activate a mode that will disable the wireless coalition on your PC. The most important ones are usually located next to the function keys in the top row of Papan Ketik. The keyboard may also have a dedicated flight mode key. GeneralBe sure to find the key with the photo of the plane.

    Once you find it, press the switch and see if it disables Airplane Mode and makes you available to wireless networks.

    Specify Whether The Wireless Router Is Properly Designed.

    This may also be because the Wi-Fi network is not necessarily configured on the Wi-Fi router. In this case, you probably won’t see the wireless network you’re trying to connect to on all of your computers or other devices that can access Wi-Fi networks. Check your current mobile device or another computer and see if you can check the WiFi network from the list of available wireless networks. If you don’t see the wireless network on the virtual appliance, you need to configure your router to work properly.

    As an idea, you can call your current ISP and ask for technical assistance. Once the wireless connection is always set up, you will need to connect to the wireless network on your Windows 8 PC.

    how to make a wifi connection in windows 8

    Make sure Airplane Mode is not turned onon your PC, and the wireless network is fully configured on the router, go to the top and select one of the suggested ways to connect to the mobile network in Windows 8.

    Ways To Connect To A WiFi Network In Windows 8

    Connecting to a Wi-Fi network or this wireless network is considered fairly easy in Windows 8. Is anyone able to run it using one of the two methods described in the following sections? The first method is quite simple and allows you to very quickly establish a wireless network connection between your PC and router. Let’s learn more about it.

    When Connected To Wi-Fi, The Windows 8 Charms Bar Is Suggested

    When Windows 8 was released, the Start menu was replaced by the Charms bar. What is Charm Bar? Well, this is the perfect bar that appears in the right corner of the Windows 8 touchscreen when you press the download button to open the charms bar without further ado. On this panel, you will find several options from which you can connect to the desired wireless network. Let’s see all the steps related to this method:

    Step 1. Simultaneously press theClick on Win C + on the computer so that the icons do not open. The charms bar is usually displayed in the right corner of the screen. Select all settings in the panel.

    Step 2. Usually, an interesting pop-up menu opens in the right corner of the movie. Here select the network option as shown in the screenshot below. If wireless connections are available, the option shows Available as the status.

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